Buy Casino Poker Chip Stickers & Labels Cut to Your Design!

Do you want to add a unique design to your poker chips and elevate their appearance? Do you want them to be the centre of attraction at every poker card game? If your answer is yes, then printed poker stickers from Baazi Store are the right choice for you. 

Now the question that comes into mind is, What are Poker Chips Stickers? Also known as casino chip stickers, they are high-quality printed labels applied on blank poker chips. They feature finishing designs like matte, gloss, vinyl and clear. 

You can also have different images, letters or symbols designed on them as per your requirements, hence a super-easy method to up the ante and ambience of your poker game with friends or family. At Baazi Store, there is a diverse variety of poker chip stickers of different materials and laminate to cater for your taste. 

So, let’s dive deep into the types of poker stickers available at Baazi Store. 

Types of Casino Chips Stickers at Baazistore

At Baazi Store, you can find different and exciting varieties of Casino Chips Stickers, comprising multiple materials and laminates. All these stickers feature state-of-art labels, justifying Baazi Store as the “House of Gaming and LifeStyle”. That being said, the different types of stickers available with us are: 

Matte Finish

The Matte finish labels are the most commonly used stickers on poker chips. They use cold-temperature sealants that make them a perfect fit on the stickers. You can write on them using a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen and they are best for indoor use. 

Semi-Gloss Finish

They feature a 60# finish and are FSC certified. Moreover, they use Permanent cold-temperature adhesive and are to be used only for indoor games only. 

Gloss Finish

Similar to the semi-gloss finish type of casino chip stickers, these stickers have a 60# finish and are certified by the FSC. It means that the material is harvested of material and labels are built in an eco-friendly manner. 

They also use permanent cold-temperature adhesive and permanent ink markers work best on them for writing or denoting numbers. However, you must provide enough time to let the writing or design dry. 

While the poker stickers with a semi-gloss finish are for indoor games only, the chips featuring a gloss finish are for both indoor and outdoor games.  

Vinyl Finish

The stickers having a Vinyl finish contain 2mil gloss white finish and synthetic material having super adhesive (glue). They are resistant to tearing, heat, stretching, and chemicals and are perfect to use in indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Clear Finish

The casino chip labels featuring the clear finish comprise 4mil of Polyester material. As a result, they are immune to tearing, heat, stretching and chemicals and are perfect to use during indoor and outdoor gameplays. 

Why Opt For Customised Poker Chip Stickers?

With the information provided on types of poker chip stickers, now you must be thinking about why you should opt for customised poker chip stickers instead of usual stickers or chips with pre-decided designs. Here’s why.


The custom poker chip labels carry enough versatility to be designed as per the event they will be used in. Moreover, they add personalisation to the events, showing their importance to their buyer or those using them. You can also use the custom poker chip stickers for different activities during the event.  

They are durable, easy to put on, can be re-shaped or refigured and are cost-effective besides having several varieties as per your needs. With such immense attributes, there are no second thoughts that you must opt for customised poker chip stickers.  

Create Your Poker Chip Labels With Us!

You can customize the poker chip stickers you order from us as per your requirements to cater for them during promotional events; corporate, professional giveaways or celebrations at home.

They are made with modernistic technology from high-quality raw materials that are highly adhesive and handy. As a result, they are waterproof, require low-mantainence and are the most obvious choice among poker players as the finish used on them increases their shelf-life. 

Poker chip stickers on Baazi Store are available in all types of shapes, sizes, colours, designs, finishes and materials to ensure no customer returns empty handed when they visit India’s leading Home of Gaming and Lifestyle

So, without further ado, purchase the affordable poker chip stickers and add a new style to your old or used poker chips. These stickers will give your chips a new edge and style, allowing you to showcase the chips featuring a grand makeover among your friends and fellow poker players. 

Poker Chip Stickers FAQs

What are Custom Poker Chip Stickers?

Also, called poker chip labels or poker stickers, the poker chips stickers are high-quality labels applied on poker chips to increase their style and ambience. These stickers are of different materials and lamination, tmaking them perfect for all occasions and use.

What is the turnaround time for Casino Chip Stickers?

While the usual turnaround time for Casino Chip Stickers at Baazi Store for 500 piece chipset is 2-3 weeks. However, this estimated delivery time usually depends on the quantity of the order and the type of material requested in the order.

Do the Poker Chip Stickers peel off easily?

No. Poker chip stickers don’t peel off easily as they use aggressive or super glue. Moreover, the labels become flat once applied to the chips. Therefore, poker chip labels do not peel off easily.

Do the labels go on both sides or just one side?

Generally, the labels go on both sides of the poker chip. However, it depends on the requirement and request, which is if only one side of the chip is to be covered using the label.

Can I put different designs or text in front and back?

Yes, you can put different designs or texts in front and back of the poker chips. However, the price may change as we will put different designs or texts on the front and back of the chips.

What is the art design charge?

The art design charge is the fee for designing the poker chip label. It is charged when you request us to design the poker chip label as per your requirements. Moreover, you will need to pay for this service by the hour.

All you’d have to do is provide the image or artwork you want on the poker chip as a label and we will inform you all about it, including the cost and time it will take to get it delivered to your destination.

Can I order poker chip stickers without poker chips?

You would have to order poker chips to get the poker chip stickers. Baazi Store doesn't sell the stickers separately and without the chips.